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Crocodile tears (Pity vs Compassion)

I found in the bible that there were two times when Jesus was crying.

First, in John 11:33, when Lazarus died
Second, in Luke 19: 41, when he saw Yerusalem

Crying is one of natural emotion of human being, Jesus did it too.
For me, when i was crying, i could express all my feeling, and it made me more relax then.

In Easter time, some christian do crying, so do I. Watching video or film about the sufferings of Jesus make tears drop from many eyes. And it happen from years to years.

But now, I find that crying in Easter is not more than a drama made by human. People are crying just because watching touching story, and then they will forget what they are crying for. Crocodile tears... Ironic!

This year, when Easter come, I try not to make some crying, because I thought that Jesus doesn't need my pity. Instead of doing visible crying, I do invisible crying.

I am not judging, I am just realizing that I have been a hypocrite for several years to Jesus and I hope it won't happen to anybody.

So many years in Easter I had a pity to Jesus when I watched His video or film, then after that, just like crocodile tears, I forgot what I was crying for, I did again, something that could made Him sad, or even crying.

Jesus has compassion, not pity. That's why he has been crucified.

I got source that shows the differences of pity and compassion:

"Pity is when you feel sorry for someone, but it doesn't come from your heart. Pity doesn't help anyone but compassion does. You will notice in the Gospels that "Jesus was moved with compassion for the multitudes" is mentioned several times. He saw their spiritual state and felt compassion for them, to help with their needs. You can feel pity for someone all day long, but when you feel compassion and empathy for someone you will be moved to action to help them in some way, hopefully"

I am not saying that crying is not allowed, just want to remind not to do crocodile tears, just like I did before.

Have a memorable Easter this year!
God bless you.

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