Rabu, 30 Maret 2011


A: Dear, you look so exhausted...

B: Today is a bad day!

A: You say it everyday, honey...

B: Do I? Oh, poor me

A: You need some refreshing, indeed

B: I've thought about it too

A: Then, why don't we plan it now? Which place do you want to go to?

B: Hm, wait beib. Yes, I plan that too, but lately, I'm doing a project, difficult project that need almost my time. Hope you understand... I'll think about our plan later...

A: No problem. As you wish

B: Thank you

one month later...

A: Beib, don't you think you need to sleep now

B: Yes, one minute. I'll finish this first

A: Ok, I'm in the dining room if you need something


Time goes by...

He still be the busiest man in the world

Then once upon a time, he talk to himself...

Is this the life I have choosen?

Life in a busy day, become a slave of my work, and don't have enough time with my wife and child, or even to myself?

Is this life?

child, teenage, university, work, marry, have children, collect much money, then sick and die....

Then, what does life mean?

I feel just like a piece of meat who could walk everywhere without any sensation


Then he come to his son's room. His wife is in that room too.

A: Honey, I'm so sorry about I've done to you.
I forget that I have the best treasure in this world, it is you and our child.You make my life worth.

I love both of you.

*for he who think life is simple. love family*

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